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NACCED's Latest Podcast: Diane Yentel, President & CEO, NLIHC

Monday, April 30, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sarah Mullen
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NACCED's Latest Podcast:
Diane Yentel, President & CEO, NLIHC
In honor of #FairHousingMonth, check out NACCED's latest podcast, called Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow!
On this episode of the #housingpodcast, the NACCED crew are joined by Diane Yentel, the oft-quoted and influential CEO & President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. This conversation touches on everything from benefits cuts to getting out the vote, and why it’s critical to build the political will to solve issues like homelessness. We also learn that not only is Diane a pro at coalition building (and maintaining a highly relevant Twitter feed), but she’s also very good at coming up with a theme song on the spot. Plus, find out what Diane’s TED talk would be about, hear Laura do a terrible impression of a robot, and Sarah reveals she has an alternate personality that only comes out at the beach. As usual, Heather asks all the smart questions. What a show!
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The Holistic Housing Podcast is recorded monthly and brings together thought leaders, policy makers and program implementers across the affordable housing, community development and economic development field. Guests discuss their experiences and solutions on topics like gentrification, workforce development, homelessness, urban revitalization, sustainability, place-making, the American Dream and so much more.
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The show is recorded at Chatter restaurant, located in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC. Chatter is owned by sportswriter and radio/TV host Tony Kornheiser in partnership with former University of Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams, talk show host Maury Povich, and businessman Alan Bubes. The restaurant features a podcast studio where Kornheiser records his show and restaurant patrons can watch and listen as the podcasts are recorded. Want to watch an episode of the Holistic Housing show be recorded? Let us know!
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