Fair Housing Resource Center
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The following resources are tools to assist your community with the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule compliance. In early 2018, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a notice to the Federal Register delaying the deadline for Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) submissions until 2020. While local governments will not be required to submit an AFH using the current Assessment Tool, compliance under the AFFH is still required. This resource center is designed to help local governments access guidance, best practices, example documents and other resources needed for compliance with the AFFH rule. 

HUD Resources
HUD AFFH Webpage
AFFH Final Rule
AFFH Rule Guidebook
AFFH Executive Summary
AFFH Data and Mapping Tool
Notice of Extension of Deadline for Submission of AFH for Consolidated Plan Participants
Frequently Asked Questions on AFFH Federal Register Notice
2018 AFFH Regional Training Schedule


Sample Documents 
Central Texas (Travis County) Regional Housing Assessment Request for Proposal 
Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Procurement of Consulting Services Related to an Assessment of Fair Housing (Travis County)
Clackamas County 2017-2021 AFH
El Paso County, CO 2017-2021 AFH


AFFH Best Practices
NACCED Fair Housing Webinar Recording: A Regional Analysis of Impediments Case Study
NACCED Fair Housing Webinar Powerpoint: A Regional Analysis of Impediments Case Study
El Paso County, CO AFFH Best Practices
What Can Communities Learn from HUD’s Assessment of Fair Housing?
National Low Income Housing Coalition’s AI Guide

National Low Income Housing Coalition’s Guide for Jurisdictions and Public Housing Agencies Not Yet Required to Comply with the 2015 AFFH Rule